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Recipe for skin whitening: 3 simple steps

Recipe for skin whitening: 3 simple steps

recipe for skin whitening have just choose the appropriate recipe to clear up your skin?, do not know if this new recipe actually work?, would like to know what steps you need to take?

There are many recipes that allow you to have a clear and healthy skin many of these in reality if they work to contain natural substances.

It is preferable to use natural and home treatment by taking advantage of each property of the plants, fruits and other foods that we can use to clear up the skin of the face or other parts of our body and is very a apart from being economic guarantees we have positive results in very short time taking in turn a profit on the skin not only serve to whitewash but we can also moisturize and give our skin firmness.

However to get the result that we are looking forward to should be cautious when using one of these treatments home so you can follow a few steps that allow you to make your recipe for skin whitening really work and you have the results you want from the first application.
You've run your recipe for skin whitening - follow these 3 steps

First you must choose the home treatment that you want to apply to your skin taking into account the elements that you use does not cause you allergies is can that you're allergic to a food and this is within the treatment home is best to avoid it.

The best practice is to use products that do not cause you allergy and even better if you have already tried it before and have been effective for your skin.

Secondly you should clean your skin before using treatment bleach on your skin for this you could use a method of natural exfoliation for example using sugar or honey.

These two products are the most used to have clean skin. Follow this step is important because having clean skin to allow your whitening treatment works and above all enables skin to be hydrated in a natural way.

Once you have completed these two steps, you can choose to apply the whitening treatment on your skin leaving this Act at least 40 minutes and so you get the results.

recipe to whiten the pielComo last action you must rinse and remove the homemade mask with an infusion of Chamomile tibia to avoid any kind of inflammation.

You can do this process at least 4 to 5 days a week if you want fast results.

But keep in mind that you must follow these steps if you want your recipe for skin whitening really work.

We recommend drinking plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated.

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