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2 natural and homemade formulas of as Blanquiar the skin

The bleaching creams sold in stores are not totally reliable?, would you like to know a natural formula that whiten your skin?, do not you want to invest much and use only natural products?

Skin Whitening is something we all want and almost always try to use commercial creams that do not give the results that we want in a short time and therefore have to use a cream of these for good time and spending much more money on acquiring these creams. Surely you've thinking really is it worth spending so much money?

All I'd like to know the natural formula of as blanquiar the skin without the need for investing so much time and money but that you may not know some natural foods that provide us with whitening properties and can use them in home appliances.

If you always have been looking for learn more about this you just find the right place where you will learn how to clear up your skin in a natural way. 2. almost miraculous formulas that will make you look clear and healthy skin.
As blanquiar the skin - known 2 natural formulas

Whitening cream of Orange and milk

This cream can use it to remove stains and to get a more clear and healthy skin using Orange and milk in a single cream is very beneficial for the health of your skin.

To make this cream you must dry a few days before the shell of an orange. When you already have the shells dry tries to grind them until they become powder to be mixed with half a cup of milk.

This cream you apply to your skin that you like to clarify, so stay for 30 minutes or until dry and then rinse with warm water.

Natural lotion of parsley

Use parsley to whiten the skin and remove all kinds of stains that do see darker will be a great alternative as it helps not only us as blanquiar the skin but also enhances all our skin brightness making see healthier and healthier.

as blanquiar the pielSolo should have two handfuls of parsley and shred them in a bowl then pour a quantity of boiling water and let it rest while it cools.

When already that only cold brewing water and use it as a lotion for at least 3 times a day.

These foods help us as blanquiar the skin in a natural way since its whitening properties will be very effective in your skin.

We recommend one of these treatments do when you are at home and have time so that you do not expose to the Sun during these days that you will be using these natural formulas.

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