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clarify the face fast with 3 creams home and economic

clarify the face fast with 3 creams home and economic

Rinse the face rapidoLa pollution, the rays of the Sun, poor nutrition, and many more factors cause our skin to darken or spots that make it to see a skin especially abused the skin on our face which is most exposed to the Sun appear.

Have you ever tried those expensive creams claiming to lighten the color of your face? Many of us have bought a good number of these creams spending a good amount of money and what we get never convinces us perhaps do effect but for lengthy periods of time.

But is that perhaps not know that there is a more natural way and above all economical to make your own homemade creams that will help you to clarify the face fast don't need expensive equipment or super equipped laboratory.

You will only need some food, herbs, plants and other natural elements to make a very effective cream that will give you fast as natural results.

If you want to know how to lighten the face fast? Be sure to read this article you will soon have the solution.
As clarifying face fast - using your own homemade creams

Yogurt and lemon cream

The mixture of these two foods make us look hydrated skin without spots and above all we have a face with clearer skin.

The lemon is responsible for skin whitening while the yogurt nourish and moisturize the skin of our face. To prepare this cream you should mix a yogurt with lemon juice and apply throughout your face makes this cream Act for 45 minutes and then rinse with warm water. It does this twice a day for faster results.

Cream of potato and honey

Potato juice contains large amount of starch is a natural bleach to lighten the skin of our face.

To prepare this cream should stripes only a medium potato in a dish tended to this add a tablespoon of honey for you hidratas and exfoliate the skin.

Apply this cream on the skin of your face and stay so for about 45 minutes then you can rinse with warm water. It does this every day before going to sleep.

Egg white and lemon cream

If you've been looking for the formula more effective as clarifying face fast this is one of the best alternatives that you may have.

Rinse the face Rapidosolo squeezed two lemons and this adds two egg whites mixture until a creamy paste forms. Apply on your face for 45 minutes before going to sleep all day.

Already know how to make your own homemade as clarifying cream face quick recalls are natural and economic products so you continue not wasting more time and start by choosing which of these will do tonight.

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