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3 natural products like whitening the skin of the face

3 natural products like whitening the skin of the face

as skin of face whitening do have dark spots on the skin of your face?, would not know if a choice between a commercial cream or home treatment?, your skin has been battered by the rays of the Sun and you want to do what this see more clearly?

First of all you should know that our facial skin is almost always filled with spots or darken by the same pace of life that we might have, but we should not neglect our skin since this will always be one of the most important parts of our body.

If what you want is to lighten the color of your facial skin removed all kinds of dark spots and you don't know method opt must know that both can bring benefits but with a big difference of times.

As for example commercial creams can make a small change in your skin after a long time of use however when we use a home treatment we can have results much faster since we use the properties of these home treatments in a direct way.

Then we recommend reading this article so that you learn as a skin of face whitening using home-made and natural treatments.
Use these 3 natural products like whitening the skin of the face-

Yogurt and honey mask

The yoghurt to milk are the best products that you can take as a great alternative to bleach your skin and not only that also can hydrate the skin of your face so it looks healthy and healthy.

To prepare this cream performs the following

Mix two tablespoons of yogurt and a tablespoon of honey

This paste can apply directly to the skin of your face

After 30 minutes wash with cold water.

Rice with drops of lemon water

Many times we have wasted water from rice that we made for our meals without knowing that this could be one of the most effective remedies for our facial skin stains disappear. Only you must do the following:

Take advantage of rice that you've parboiled and seal the water in a container

In this amount of water you add the juice of a lemon

Washing your face with this liquid every day before going to sleep and you'll see the results very soon.

Pope lotion

The Pope can get it very easy so will not be any impediment to use it for whitening the skin of the face.

like whitening the skin of the rostroLava and Peel one potato large

Through pump by removing all the juice can have this

Apply potato juice on your face and stay so for one 30 minutes

Then rinse your face and you do not expose to the Sun.

These 3 home products teach you like whitening the skin of the face and easy manner.

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