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6 Homemade Remedy with lemon

6 Homemade Remedy with lemon

The origin of the lemon and your culinary and medicinal use are quite old. It is not known precisely, but it is estimated that its cultivation has occurred for the first time in South Asia, possibly between the South of India, Myanmar and china. The lemon is used as a medicinal product by the ancient civilizations of these countries there are approximately 4 1000 years. That is, the human being knows the benefits that the lemon brings to our health before the birth of jesus Christ. Since ancient times, the lemon and other plants were used in the production of home remedies against various health problems

Benefits of lemon for health: the lemon is typically known as a fruit rich in Vitamin C, but it also is Rico in vitamin A, vitamin B (b1, b2 and b3), vitamin I and vitamin p. in addition to being an excellent source of calcium, copper, magnesium, iodine, iron, phosphorus, Silicon, citric acid, Malic acid and a small amount of formic acid and acetic acid. due to this huge range of nutrients, it helps strengthen the body's defenses, fighting colds and respiratory inflammations, Combat the uric acid, help lose weight, Facilitate digestion and protect cells, as it is a Rico in antioxidant.

Lemon variety: around the world can be found approximately 70 types of lime, but among Brazilians the most known are the lemon Tahiti, Galician, Sicilian lemon and clove.

Tahiti: Tahiti lime lime is most produced in Brazil. He has green bark, smooth or slightly rough. is similar to Galician, differing only by being bigger and sturdier.
Galician lemon: it contains five or six seeds (absent in Tahiti) is the most common in backyards in the Northeast and Midwest of Brazil, but was gradually replacing by Tahiti.

Lemon: Lemon is quite common overseas, is growing in popularity in Brazil, where most still comes from other countries, so it is usually more expensive. Good to be eaten with vegetables and legumes (such as beans, Lentils). But it is not recommended to suck lot frequently, since it is very acidic and causes demineralization of tooth.

Lemon Clove: its shell is yellowish-green or yellow, orange when the fruit is ripe. Extremely common in the interior of Brazil, however hard to be found in major cities. He has superior therapeutic properties if compared to other varieties.

Homemade remedy with lemon: today I have some hints of lemon home remedies to combat different types of health problems, from obesity to insomnia and digestive problems. These homemade recipes are simple to carry out and for sure will provide you with all the benefits of lemon, along with their properties. So, check out the 15 home remedies with lemon.
1. Homemade Remedy with lemon Against Inflammation in the throat:

125 ml of warm water.
1 tablespoon lemon juice.
1/2 tablespoon salt.
1 pinch of cayenne pepper.


Mix all the ingredients.
Gargle several times throughout the day and don't forget to good nutrition.
2. Homemade Remedy with lemon to increase the Appetite:

300 ml of boiling water.
15 g of lemon leaves.
20 g Celery Root.
15 g of artichoke leaves.


Put the water on the stove until boiling.
When bubbly, remove the water from the heat, add the remaining ingredients and cover anything for 15 minutes.
Filter and drink it before meals.

3. Homemade Remedy with lemon against Flu

1/2 Apple.
1/2 chopped raw carrot.
Juice of 2 lemons.
1/2 body of water.
3 tablespoons Honey.


Beat all ingredients in a blender and drink three to four tablespoons of the maple syrup a day.

4. Homemade Remedy with lemon for Sinuses

2 Lemons.
1 tablespoon chopped fresh ginger.
2 cloves of garlic.
2 tablespoons Honey.
400 ml of water.


Take the juice of lemons and mash the garlic.
Take the fire the ingredients except honey and bring to the boil.
Turn off the heat and cover for 15 minutes.
Strain and add honey.
Have a cup of tea half an hour before bed.

5. Homemade Remedy with lemon against Bronchitis

3 heads of garlic.
3 onions.
1/2 kg of honey.
Juice of 3 lemons.


Beat in a blender and keep in closed glass syrup.
Drink four tablespoons a day.

6. Homemade Remedy with lemon Against constipation

5 dried plums without seeds.
1/2 cup (tea) of water.
3 tablespoons Honey.
Juice of a lemon.


Let the plums to soak in water for 3 hours.
and, then mash with fork and add honey and mix well.
Take three tablespoons a day.

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